Do you know the enemies of learning ?

While writing a preferred missive to a particular target like a communiqué to persuade a prospect to buy a product offered or texting a recipe for people to enjoy the dish they prepare, the ultimate objective is to convey the target and not to influence them. It hardly matters whether the target likes the wordings and hence it is enough to get the script across as openly and convincingly as feasible and just eliminating the obstacles. It is enough to say a big NO to the following three foes of unblemished and unswerving scripting.

  1. No to Meta discourse -- Words like ‘honestly’, ‘I trust’, ‘it is now unambiguous’,  I wish to draw your attention’, etc. are considered redundanciesThe meta discourse is just the whole sentence. Another example: Instead of saying “in my opinion, we should avoid taxes”, it is better to say just “avoid taxes”.

      2.  Just Say No to Redundancy.

Avoid use additional words. Examples of redundant phrases: “Shouting loudly”. No one can shout silently; hence it is enough to say ‘shouting’.  Similarly, My own private workspace”. Better to write, “My workspace.” – as simple as that.

       3.  Avoid Exaggerated Words

Do not resort to word hunting as many writers do since sometimes this effort simply misfires. Examples of exaggerated words are – inexorable which can be replaced by   ‘determined/unstoppable’; Utilize – replaced by ‘use’, etc. Simply use those words that most noticeably and precisely convey the message with accuracy and succinctness, those the maximum spectators will comprehend and memorize.