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Iceland, the nation whose name brings a picture of large landscapes covered in white with some peaks in the distance. But this beautiful country has lot more to offer than just plain snow. Many people see this name as misleading as this Nordic island is more than just ice. Iceland gives you wonderful sceneries of grasslands, geysers, hot springs and even volcanoes and lava fields!

Iceland is a beautiful destination for your next trip if you want to have a breath taking experience filled with surprises and adventure. The most popular way of arriving to this island nation is through airways to the Keflavik International Airport. Most tourist make their first stop in Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik.  This is where most of the population lives so it is the best way to get to know the culture of regular Icelanders.

When you are in Iceland, there is no dearth of natural and man-made attractions for the tourists to enjoy. You have the Pingvellir National Park which is a UNESCO world heritage site and popular among the tourists. The beautiful Friðheimar farm attracts visitors through its tomatoes which are grown geothermally and it treasure trove of Icelandic horses. There is the Skógar museum which exhibits a collection of things which are part of Iceland’s cultural heritage.

The Geysir area is another popular destination for tourists. It earns its fame through the hot springs and geysers present in the region. There is the beautiful Golden waterfall where the crystal clear water falls down from several feet above the base. The Lava Centre and the huge Eyjafjallajökull volcano will tell you the story how Iceland was shaped over the years due it it’s unique volcanic activity pattern, and teach you about the geology of the island nation.

If you are an adventure lover, there is one experience that you absolutely cannot afford to miss. It is the unique experience brought to you by the Þrihnukagigur Volcano tour. Treks on a volcano are really amazing by themselves as these dangerous natural phenomena are really fascinating. However, this tour takes things to another level. You get to descend to the bottom of the crater. A trip which descends you for a hundred and twenty meters in an open cable lift. You get the chance to experience a volcano up close while still being assured of your safety. This makes the experience unmissable.

And we are not done yet on this rich island nation. It has many waterfalls and black sand beaches to attract its visitors. The glacier lagoons give you the most photograph worthy locations of all of Iceland. You can go visit the Europe’s most powerful waterfall in North Iceland, or calmly watch at Puffin birds and Whales near the seaside. Drive through the western coast to get the most scenic sights of farmlands and little islands in the distance. Hike on the beautiful mountains of Kirkjufell. Experience Isfjord through the boat safaris. Or meet the huskies of Iceland who will take you on the best dog-sledding you can ever experience. Iceland has something for everyone. Come find what makes you the happiest!